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NPO num: 008 – 314
PBO num: 18/11/13/3629


The Summerstrand Cheshire Home, situated in Gomery Avenue, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, was opened in 1975 by the late Professor Jan Christiaan Barnard. The Home caters for chronically physically disabled adults who come to live their lives there, either by choice, or because of circumstances beyond their control. Our residents range from the ages of 18 onwards.

Today, some 35 years later, we have a wonderful Home, that accommodates 52 disabled adults. Forty residents live in the main Home, while the others live in specially designed, independent cottages. The late, Lord Leonard Cheshire's vision was always that Cheshire Homes be run along the lines of a normal family home. This is our constant challenge - to provide as homely an atmosphere for people who have been so debilitated by various disabilities. Dedicated staff and a team of invaluable volunteers contribute towards maintaining this very important service to the disabled community of the Eastern Cape and beyond.


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