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Eric Miles Cheshire Home has forty-three residents, whose disabilities result from a number of causes:  injury, impairment from birth, illness and degenerative diseases.

Goals and Functions
All Cheshire Homes are united in their goals.  They all aim to make each residence a home to enable residents to acquire skills within their abilities and allow them to live as independently as possible.  The Home provides residential care for persons with disability.

Service and Activities
Eric Miles Cheshire Home not only provides a service for those residents in the Home.  We also provide Day Care for those living in the neighbourhood, care in a person’s home and also respite care for periods during which families are enabled to take a break or have medical care without the responsibility of caring for the disabled member of the family.  However, the Home does not provide frail care as it is not registered as a nursing home.
We run a multiracial Dementia and Alzheimer support group.

Also a Day Care Centre in Jo Slovo Park for ten physically disabled children from birth to 10 years.
Other activities that are organised specifically at the Eric Miles Cheshire Homes are Bingo evenings, dances, arts and crafts and baking.  The Rotary and Lions Clubs and Pin Hi Golf Society help the Home by organising outings and there is also a group of hairdressers that come in once a week.  All these activities encourage a supportive spirit in the Home.  By being involved and having a choice of recreation it creates a sense of independence for each individual and thus leaves them with the feeling of being at “home”.

Of the 43 residents at Eric Miles Cheshire Home, 38 receive disability grants form the Government and 5 residents are classified as economic residents and pay R3 980.00 per month.
The Home runs at a deficit despite very active fundraising of about R460 000.oo per year and generous contributions from the public.

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