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Mount Fletcher Cheshire Home is situated in Ward 9 (Ilisolomzi Location) in Mount Fletcher Elundini Municipality Ukhahlamba District in the Eastern Cape Province. The Home opened in 1996 accommodating children who are physically and mentally disabled. We started with 6 children and 3 care-givers now it has 20 children 8 caregivers and 2 gardeners together with the Manager. The need arose for a residential facility when twenty cases of children with disabilities were being abused and reported to the police. Lack of information to parents of disabled children on how to care for them led to stigmatization and negligence by community and family members.

Cheshire Homes South Africa decided to address the situation by providing a residential stimulation facility where children’s ability is emphasised and dignity is respected. Ideally we would wish to have Mount Fletcher Cheshire Home residents return home as useful members of their families and communities. But heart breaking poverty restricts this progress. However the Mount Fletcher Cheshire Homes is relatively young.  We are pursuing livelihood skills for families. If successful, family living will become more viable.

Mount Fletcher Cheshire Home has 3 income generating programmes. They are Leatherwork, Sewing, run by disabled youth, and the Home’s garden.

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