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August 1991 seems a long time ago when the land where Camama Cheshire Home stands was donated to us. The land boasted a dilapidated old building that was a trader’s shop. Luckily there was a good dream about the land. This was to provide permanent residence for disabled people. It was a steep rough road trying to restructure and resurrect the Home to what it is now. But we are happy to say the building was transformed into something habitable and meaningful; as residential accommodation for physically and mentally disabled persons.

Application for a subsidy took its own toll but eventually the project was subsidised by the Department of Social Development.  By choice the Home was not a registered nursing institution but was charged with responsibilities to provide “Home care”.

Over the years the Home has developed through the work of volunteers, the community, individuals and well wishers. Fundraising has made the Home what it is today. Renovation, which has been an on–going process, has changed a mud house into a strong structure that has survived harsh weather like strong wind, severe rain and drought.

The services provided fit snugly into the Home‘s mission that stands out unwavering i.e.  To provide support services for persons with profound disabilities in a manner that empowers the service user.

Our services include:
  • Residential accommodation, free of any form of abuse
  • Respite Care, a service that has given rest to many a relative
  • Outreach programmes, a service that has improved food production .This program was boosted by Self Help Project of the American Embassy
  • Physiotherapy that has allowed the dream of rehabilitation to come true in this Home
  • Community Pre- School ,a service sponsored by National Development Agency (NDA)
  • Independent Living Accommodation that has given persons with disability room to develop potentials and gain long needed freedom

Camama Cheshire Home serves many districts in the Eastern Cape. We have capacity for 27 residents and we have a long waiting list. We are known far and wide.  Donor agencies are essential for our success:
  • Department of Social Development, monthly subsidy
  • Service user fees in the form of boarding and lodging monthly
  • National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) which has played a major role in general maintenance of the Home
  • Telkom Charity Club that gave us funds to buy equipment for physiotherapy.

Current profile of the Home:
Poverty stricken as the area is, we are proud to acknowledge that, the new system installed in the running of the Home has allowed it to become a reference in the community, hence a venue for big events .i.e.: a voting centre when it comes to election time, which allows our residents to participate without any struggle for transport to far off distances; a popular centre where the renowned funeral parlour , Doves, enrol   community people at accessible insurance rates; a facility for easy and fast communication pertaining to printing, faxing, and  photocopying, for the community members including the surrounding schools. Also, the Home has established a sustainable food security system through different indigenous projects like gardening, poultry, piggery, and baking home made bread.


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