About Cheshire Village for Independent Living

NPO number: 027-249
PBO number: 9176/403/14/6

Our service has grown from care to empowerment, from providing services to capacity building partnerships.
Our objectives are to work in partnership with persons with disabilities to provide residential accommodation and other community support services that promote independent living and the attainment of aspirations.  Also to initiate projects that address social and economic inequalities, thereby alleviating poverty and facilitating the social integration of persons with disabilities into mainstream society.

The concept of independent living is growing in the Cheshire Homes movement and in fact, the Cheshire Homes can be seen as a “stepping stone” for those disabled persons who desire to live independently in the community.

In Chatsworth, the Fatima Mayet Cheshire Village for Independent Living was born in 2001.  The funding of this village came from various sources.  Our own residents raised a sum of R200 000 for this facility.  The Victor Daitz Foundation then stepped in and made a substantial donation towards the development of communal buildings and has recently also contributed towards the building of a new wing.

A feature of the Cheshire Homes Movement in Chatsworth is the extent to which we have received support from the local community both in cash and in kind over the years.  This is unique to this community which also supports other charities in the area.  

To date we have completed 2 group living units and 10 double bedded units for independent living for persons with physical disabilities.  Our services have positively impacted on the lives of 18 service users who have been capacitated and empowered to return to the community with skills that allow them to become partially financially independent.  Currently we have a further 11 service users who are successfully employed in the open labour market, who are also being trained to cope with living independently in the community.



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