About Chatsworth


Brief Background

This home was opened in 1971 by a pioneering group of concerned persons led by Professor FGH Mayet who recognised the dire need for such a Home in the disadvantaged area of Chatsworth.  Her experience as a medical doctor at the King Edward Hospital revealed the appalling situation of people with severe disabilities, languishing in hospitals without having anywhere to go.

With relevant renovations and additions to a farmer’s old home, which was leased from the Durban Municipality, a home for disabled residents was started.  However, over the years we have seen approximately 80 residents passing through our doors.

Services Provided

Health Care

The needs of our adult residents demand greater intensity of care.  Since age tends to complicate the onset of poor health and diseases.  Physiotherapy, passive exercise and prevention of bedsores form an extensive part of our health care programme.  Over the years services have been extended to include Residential Care to persons with disabilities living in custom built cottages.

Our big move to the New Home at the Cheshire Village

September 14, 2004 saw the realization of Management’s dream to offer persons with disabilities unquestioning recognition of their full human rights. All residents Chatsworth Cheshire Home moved to the Cheshire Village. It accommodates 35 persons with disabilities. The luxury afforded to them is that each resident has his/her own room, after having shared rooms in the old place for the many years. To add to their delight this new building is fully equipped and adapted in all aspects for comfortable living for persons in wheelchairs.

Chatsworth Cheshire Rehabilitation Centre

A new Cheshire Homes Rehabilitation Facility, licensed by the Department of Health, has embarked on yet another vital service for persons with disabilities who are in need of intensive rehabilitation.  This facility provides a medium intensity rehabilitation service to selected post-acute patients. A primary aim is to optimize function through multi-disciplinary interventions based on a patient centred approach coupled with active family support.





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