Gauteng Branch Report


Dear Cheshire Homes family

It gives me great pleasure to report about the affairs of the Branch and the Three Homes.



The Branch Committee is very committed and enthusiastic about the affairs of the Organisation.

Charity Shop

The idea to extend the Charity Shop is under discussion as this project forms the back bone of Ann Harding fundraising.  One can not find enough words to thank the volunteers working on this project, but to say to them “thank you very much” for the splendid job you are all doing.

Upgrading of Facilities

The project of upgrading all the bathrooms, toilets and gutters is complete.

Development on Ann Harding Land

The Vision to build:

  • A separate wing for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Independent Living Units for persons with disabilities
  • A Workshop to cater for all Three Homes and surroundings
    community, for persons with disabilities, is still being pursued.

The home has been transformed into a happy enjoyable environment.  Residents are positive.  There is a feeling of belonging and involvement especially with the Art Workshop which is a great success.



  • Five Independent Living Units, Dining Room, Double Garage and an Early Childhood Development facility have been built.  Additional power supply from Eskom is the next step in the completion of this building project.
  • At the time of completing this report, financial statements were not available from the Auditor.  Internal reports reflect an operating surplus.

There is a huge need for volunteers to come forward and help out with the implementation of New Projects, Skills Development, Training and to assist the residents in every day activities.


The Home is full with 20 Residents and 5 extra residents in the Independent Living Cottages.

Fortunately the Home has received a donation, from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, of R526 978.00 for running cost.  Also the Home has managed to raise R57 500.00 through donations and is showing a surplus of R142 334.00.
C’ Ahead Call Centre Project
The project did not do well this year.  There was a misunderstanding between C’ Ahead and the Department of Trade & Industries (DTI).  However, the good news is that DTI is pursuing the project to go ahead between DTI and Soweto Cheshire Home.  Discussions are at an advanced stage.
Mokhele Art Therapy and Education Project (MATEP)

Soweto Cheshire Home has a unit which was originally earmarked for MATEP.  The brainchild of this project was a partnership between Wits University, Professor Collin Richards and the late Maggie Magoane.  Fortunately the lease contract between Soweto Cheshire Homes & MATEP will expire in November 2011 which will allow Soweto Cheshire Home to take charge of the project.



I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my sincere thanks for the support that I have received from the:

  • Branch Committee Members
  • Ann Harding Committee Members
  • Elethu Daveyton Committee Members
  • Soweto Committee Members
  • Volunteers and Staff Members
  • Residents from all three Homes

However the reality is that the challenges are now much greater than in any previous year so we all need to go that extra mile.  Thank you for serving persons with disability with enthusiasm and generosity.  I look forward to a successful future together.


Joffe Kqwedi

Chairman Gauteng



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