Eastern Province Branch Report


The financial year proved to be an enormous challenge to both Homes and Branch because of the downturn in the economic market.  The committees, however, remain in a positive mood and every effort is being made to ensure that there is no breakdown in the services rendered to the disabled.

It goes without saying that the staff, volunteers, donors and committee members need to be congratulated for their dedication, not forgetting the part that some residents play in the daily running of the Homes.

Service Delivery
  • Summerstrand started upgrading their Individual Support Programmes for each resident during the latter part of the 2010/2011 year, thanks to Hilary Bolton and Honours students from the psychology department of the Nelson Mandela Metropole University.  It is hoped to extend this programme to the Cleary Estate Home in the near future.
  • Despite a downturn in the economy, the Summerstrand Home continues to provide financially viable services.  On the other hand, Cleary Estate, as in the past, is still struggling to keep their heads above water.  Summerstrand ended the financial year with a deficit of R245 576 while Cleary Estate’s deficit amounted to over R275 000 for the same period (unaudited figures at the time of writing).


  • Summerstrand has established a Trust Fund.  Last year the Fund contributed some R364 790 to the Home for the direct benefit of the residents.
  • The Charity shops – the ‘Wot Not Shop’ and ‘Clothes Galore’ at Summerstrand are currently raising an income of plus R20 000 per month compared to the R2 000 raised by the much smaller shop at Cleary Estate.  Volunteers have recently been recruited to open this shop more frequently.


  • Summerstrand Home is currently planning the expansion of accommodation facilities, using the last of the Home’s available land.  This will eventually provide much needed accommodation for the long waiting list of potential residents.  Cleary Estate’s vision is to expand their workshop for the residents involved in beadwork and mouth painting.  Another project on the drawing board is the provision of extra accommodation for their outreach programme.
  • It has always been a struggle to find people to serve on a committee and it has never been easy to recruit new members.  As far as possible, members are elected to serve on a Management Committee for a two year term of office.  It has been the case, however, that some members have served longer than eight years.  The rotation of office bearers is problematic and nominations are called for whenever a vacancy occurs.





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