Leonard Cheshire

Our Background

Leonard Cheshire, from whom the organization's name derives, was a bomber pilot in the Second World War. After his war experiences, Leonard Cheshire felt a strong need to validate his life, and was drawn to the idea of service to others.

It was only in 1948 that it started to take concrete form – and then by chance. Leonard heard of a fellow service man, terminally ill, who was in dire straits, with no family, no means, and nowhere to go.

Leonard took him in and cared for Arthur until his death. From such a small and unplanned beginning was the world wide Cheshire organization to grow. Today there are Cheshire organizations and Homes all over the world.

Cheshire Homes started in South Africa in 1965. The first Home, Queensburgh, was opened in 1968. Today, there are six Branches and eighteen Homes in this country, providing residential accommodation to profoundly and permanently disabled adults and children.

In addition, many outreach programmes provide services such as day care, respite care, community based care, and crèche type care. These outreach programmes operate from established Cheshire Homes.

There are also a number of independent living units attached to Cheshire Homes, where those residents who are sufficiently confident can live as independently as possible, secure in the knowledge that expert care is within call.

Cheshire Homes continues to grow, and we hope in the future to offer a wider range of services in response to the expanding needs of persons with disabilities.

Code of Ethics

In every area of interaction is Cheshire Homes, staff, service users and volunteers are called upon, at all times to:

  • Adhere to the highest standard of honesty
  • Respect the dignity and human rights of others
  • Protect the confidentiality of information
  • Respect the Cheshire Charter
  • Consider the best interests of society
  • Be consistent and fair in all dealings
  • Accept full responsibility for their conduct
  • Promote Cheshire service in a true and accurate manner


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