Welcome to Cheshire Homes South Africa


Cheshire Homes South Africa is a Public Benefit Trust governed by a Constitution.

It is a bottom up organisation structured around community needs.  Local

Communities recognise the needs relating to persons with disabilities.  They approach

Cheshire Homes to assist in meeting their needs.  A joint steering committee is

formed which in time becomes the Management Board of a new service delivery

unit.  In time as the number of local services grows a Branch is formed.  Each Branch

and each service unit appoints a representative to attend a National Council, which

in time appoints a National Executive Committee from its list of members, whose

function is to manage the affairs of Cheshire Homes South Africa.


After more than forty eight years of service to Persons with Disabilities in South

Africa, Cheshire Homes has accumulated a substantial range of resources and service

delivery programmes, which are carefully managed, in line with a dedicated vision

and mission refined in consultation with Persons with Disabilities


Vision: “A society for all where Persons with Disabilities have equal opportunities”

Mission: “To provide care support services that empower Persons with Disabilities”


  • To alleviate discrimination against people with disabilities
  • To provide early childhood development
  • To support livelihood development
  • To create independent living opportunities
  • To promote service user participation in  service development

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